Friday, November 20, 2015

Benefits of Studded Tires - Why you should consider studded winter tires.

Before I begin going into all of the benefits of studded tires, I'd like to take a moment to fill you in on what exactly studded tires are and what they can do for you.

Studded winter tires are similar to other winter tires except they have one major difference. That is they have pre-molded holes that allow metal studs to be inserted into your tires using a special tool.

Depending on the tire there are typically 60 to 120 studs placed on each tire. The studs are most often made of a tungsten carbide, which is a very hard metal meaning it will withstand the tough wintery conditions it's placed under.

Because the width of the bottom part of the stud is wider than the hole it goes into the studs have to be forced in. The reason being is that this process allows the tire to firmly grip the stud making sure the stud is secure and that it won't just fall out when in use.

If you're wondering what a studded tire looks like take a look below. You'll notice the little metal studs protruding from the tire.

So, now that you know a little bit more about studded tires, let's talk about the benefits of using them. One key benefit is that studded tires offer better traction when taking a corner on heavy snow or icy conditions. With the studs digging into the snow or ice you'll get a better grip and maneuvering the terrain will become much easier.

A second benefit of studded tires is that they allow you to break easier and carry heavier loads. For example, if you're trailering your snowmobile to your favorite snowmobiling destination and you have to break suddenly or climb a hill you'll be able to stop sooner than if you didn't have studded tires. Even if you're not trailering something, but still have a heavy load in your vehicle you'll still see the benefits.

Also, because the studs dig into snow and ice you'll have better traction when climbing a hill or steeply graded road during severe winter conditions. Furthermore, where regular grooved tires can slip on snow covered roads or roads that have become iced over this is much less likely to happen with studded tires that are able to dig into the snow and ice and provide a firm grip.

If you feel studded tires are right for your application, and want the extra sense of security they provide then head down to a Town Fair Tire near you to get a new pair of studable winter tires and have studs installed. You can also browse many different tire options on our web site and see if the tires you like come in a studable format. If not rest assure we have a wide tire selection so you're sure to find a different studable tire that you like. With that said it's easy to research studable tires on our web site and book your appointment in just a few clicks. Please visit us online at and find the tires that are right for you.

Disclaimer: Studded tires are not permitted in all states so if you plan to driver outside of a state which permits studded tires be sure to change your tires before entering a state that imposes studded tire restrictions to avoid any hassle. Also, even in states which permit studded tires there are often date restrictions on when you can use them so be sure to check your local laws and only use your studded winter tires when permitted by law.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Do I Really Need Winter Tires?

So, if you're reading this article you've likely been debating whether or not you need winter tires. Well, that's a good start! So let's talk about why you should seriously consider winter tires.

Perhaps you have an all-wheel drive vehicle and are thinking you don't really need to spend the extra money since you have all wheel drive, right? Despite having all wheel drive the truth of the matter is without the right tires you just won't get the same traction on snow and other winter road conditions such as ice or slush.

This video highlights just how much of a difference winter tires make not only on an all-wheel drive vehicle, but also a two wheel drive vehicle. I highly recommend you spend the five minutes it takes to watch this informative video.

Now that you've watched the video above, another thing worth noting is that winter tires will allow you to stop a full car length more than all-season tires on icy road conditions. In certain situations this could mean the difference between a serious accident or just a close call.

As a general note we don't recommend installing just two winter tires on your vehicle such as two winter tires in the front and all season tires in the back. When attempting to stop your vehicle your car may experience a loss of control which, could lead to an accident.

Although some all-season tires may have the mud and snow rating, they may not perform as expected in severe winter conditions. The cold temperatures of winter can harden the rubber of regular tires, which reduces their ability to grip pavement and other surfaces.

In conclusion, when it comes to safety winter tires really are your best bet for keeping you and your family safe, no matter what car you drive and whether or not you have all wheel drive.

If you already have existing winter tires then head on over to Town Fair Tire for a winter tire changeover. If you don't, which is probably the case if you're reading this article then Town Fair Tire has a wide selection of winter tires available.

We encourage you to visit us in store or online at and find the tires that best fit your needs. Once you find your favorite tires you can then schedule an appointment to have your tires put on your vehicle in just a few simple steps.