Monday, April 4, 2016

Falken Tire - Azenis FK453

The AZENIS FK453 is the latest generation of Falken’s ultra high performance summer tire available in a wide array of sizes from 17 to 22-inch rim diameters. Fitments include popular staggered applications making this tire suitable for high-end vehicles. In addition, the FK453 features the latest developments in noise-absorption technology which helps provide a quiet and comfortable ride. A silica-enriched compound is utilized for confident dry and wet performance. Rated with W, Y, and (Y) speed ratings, the AZENIS FK453 is composed of nylon-reinforced layers allowing for enhanced high-speed stability.


designed and tested to meet the demands of European roads, the silica-based compound provides superior traction and grip in wet and dry conditions.


with large outside shoulder blocks, provide enhanced wet and dry handling while reducing tire noise.


retains the tire profile during some of the most extreme driving conditions, helping to enhance high-speed stability and handling.


effectively evacuate water and significantly enhance hydroplaning resistance for enhanced wet handling.

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Friday, February 19, 2016


Later this month Town Fair Tire will start selling the All-New WILDPEAK A/T3W.  This is a tire that can perform in conditions that require durability!  Falken Tire's engineers have packed the WILDPEAK A/T3W full of technology needed to handle the worst of the worst. 

This tire was developed for most every Truck and SUV and is  available in 54 different sizes, from 15-inch up to 20-inch.  The WILDPEAK A/T3W also comes with a mileage warranty up to 55,000.  The advanced tire tread and shoulder design of the Falken WILDPEAK A/T3W digs in and provides superb grip.  The large center blocks of the tire provide stability and on road feel, while the long edges of those blocks provide traction in wet, icy and snowy conditions. Their step-down block design actively digs down through dirt, mud and snow to give you essential grip in challenging conditions. The tread pattern is designed to grab snow and disperse it. 

Product Features & Benefits:

Variable 3-Pitched Tread Pattern
  • Delivers A Quite Ride
  • Provides Stability
  • Improves Handling
Step Down Block Design:
  • Enhances Traction In All Conditions
  • Improves Snow Dispersion
Offset Shoulder Blocks
  • Enhance Water, Mud and Snow Evacuation
  • Maintains Aggressive Look
3-D Canyon Sipes
  • Add Addition Handling Support
  • Increases Wear Resistance
Two Steel Belts
  • Provides Better Stability and Handling
  • Increases Safety
Distinctive Outer Apex Construction
  • Protects Against Heat Build-up At The Bead
  • Enhances Durability
  • Heightens Stability and Control
Advanced Silica Tread Compound
  • Increases Gripping Power
  • Remains Pliable at Low Temperatures
  • Superior Wear Life
Wherever the rubber meets the road or dirt or snow the advanced tread and shoulder design of the WILDPEAK A/T3W digs in and provides superb grip. 

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